Do your cows have good feet?

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Cow feet care:

There are two good reasons to look at your cattle herd’s bases regularly. First, problems with hooves may beget your cattle’s gratuitous pain. Secondly, whether you’re raising dairy, beef, or bucking stock, bottom trouble costs you, plutocrat, in dropped product and performance. These are the practices we employ then at our bucking stock operation.Then are some basics to be aware of. Cattle that spend the utmost of their time on the rough natural ground need lower care generally. Cattle that are standing on concrete, or other artificial shells need further care for their bases. Cattle need to be suitable to lay down for about four or five hours a day to rest their legs and feet. However, they will have further problems, If they aren’t allowed this rest time. Watch how far your herd needs to travel, and what they’re walking on, and make sure they’ve enough suitable space for this laying downtime.

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Grounded upon the particular character of your operation, you should establish a regular schedule for hoof conservation and care. This would generally be about twice a time for the average dairy program. This should include checking the first shin heifers about 60 days before they come due to make sure they will be well set for carrying the redundant weight of the last phase of gestation and their coming full udders.

the lameness:


hoof care:

The cattle should be tended by a trained hoof trimmer unless you have gotten this training yourself. These can be delicate to track down outside dairy belts but it’s worth the time to make sure that the work is done rightly. A confinement pen applicable for the purpose is absolutely demanded to do the job safely. Utmost trimmers prefer cataracts that cock and lay the beast over horizontally formerly secure. Professional trimmers have these and travel with them to job points.


The cost of an unskillful job or lack of attention can mean the dispensable immolation of a beast or pain that could have been averted. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our creatures are well watched from nose to toes while they’re in our herds. These tips should help.

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